E-Type Restoration Guide - Importing to the United States

My information is about ten years out of date, but what follows is my best understanding of the process. What I am sure of is that it has become even more difficult:

Paperwork required:

  1. Sales documents - Sales agreement or contract. This should include a full description of the car, price, date, mileage(important), and signatures of buyer and seller. - German title documents
  2. Customs Documents - CF7501 (five copies) Consumption Entry Summary - CF5101 Entry Record - Surety Bond - Bill of Lading - CF433A Courtesy Notice
  3. EPA Documents - 3520-1 Clean Air Compliance Document
  4. Dot Documents - HS 7 Safety Equipment Compliance
EPA Compliance: Clean air compliance can be proven in one of these ways: The one time exemption may not be available these days. It used to allow an individual to import a non-complying vehicle if: the car is over five years old and will not be resold for more than two years. There are additional restrictions on this exemption which make it problematic. Since all local laws still need to by complied with, this exemption is practically a non-exemption.

The vehicle can be imported under bond, pending compliance. It can be converted, or simply proven clean by testing. However, if the vehicle fails to meet standards within 90 days, it will be impounded, and then re-exported or scrapped.

For a 1980 vehicle the standards are:

DOT Compliance:

The car will need to conform with all Standards in effect at the time of manufacture. For 1980 these include:

Hope you are properly intimidated....

Mike Frank 1969 E-Type 2+2

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