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Lead and Body Filler - VHS - 55 minutes
Available from the Eastwood Company, Phone (800) 345-1178 or

This is actually tape number 4 from a series of 6 tapes in the "Classic Car Restoration" series. This tape is available individually from Eastwood or in one of three body solder kits as well as in the complete series of Classic Car Restoration videos.

Lead work Video Stock No. 8933 $24.99

Concours Quality Auto Painting - VHS - 1 Hour 30 Min.

If you have an earlier E and are interested in 10 coats of hand rubbed lacquer using conventional spray equipment, this is the video for you!

The video does a VERY good job of telling you how to spray. It gets into the various sealers, primers, color coats and even clear coats.

I was a bit disappointed because it was produced in 1996 and HVLP has become very popular in the last year, primarily because of environmental concerns. HVLP paint spray outfits are available from many of the auto restoration supply catalogs.

However, the video gives you a very good background in why your better quality paint shop wants $5,000 for a really decent paint job.

You would not believe the amount of HAND labor involved. There were at least 5 stages of hand sanding and rubbing involved in painting this '64 Corvette. Not to mention at least 8 stages of sealer, primer, color coating.

I would have preferred something a bit more current using urethane and HVLP but I'm sure many people will get a great deal out of this video.

They do touch upon single stage urethane near the end. The presenter, Al Sowash, shows how to buff the hood of his pickup, which has been painted in PPG black urethane, to a mirror finish.

It is produced by JHT productions,, a company that does professional training videos. The production quality of this video is excellent. It costs $29.95 postpaid in the US. (407) 657-2727

Basic techniques for working with steel - VHS - 100 minutes - $39.99
Available from the Eastwood Company, Phone (800) 345-1178 or
Also available through Covell Specialty Fabrication, (831) 768-0705 or (800) 747-4631.

This video is a presentation by Ron Covell in Freedom, California. Ron is an expert metal worker and has built quite a reputation in building race car bodies.

Ron uses an early Morgan 3 wheel car body as a demonstration of various techniques. He shows how to fill 1/8 inch diameter screw holes with 1/8 metal plugs that he TIG welds in place. He then moves on to filling larger holes by TIG welding in larger patch panels.

He then shows how to bump metal into shape with a hammer and dolly, followed by filing techniques to reveal high and low spots. He shows how to fabricate larger panels even to the point of creating wire rolled edges as found on many British cars.

Many of the specialty tools that he uses are also available from the Eastwood Company. In particular, he demonstrates the use of the plastic mallet, shot filled panel beating bag, metal shrinker, blast cabinet, and bullseye pick tool.

Mr. Covell is an artist in steel. However, he shows a remarkable prejudice against MIG welding, dismissing it as only suitable for lesser quality work. Unfortunately, many home restorers cannot afford the $1,500 - $3,000 entry price for TIG welders. Good quality Lincoln brand MIG welders are available even at many large hardware stores, starting around $350.

I would consider this video a must see, if only to watch an artist at work. Other videos in this series are available directly from Mr. Covell's company, listed above.

Mr. Covell also offers hands on seminars in various locations throughout the year. Contact his company at the above numbers for a listing of seminars, dates, and locations.

Metal Shrinking - 120 minutes - $30.00

Kent White has worked as a restorer for nearly 30 years. He was one of the staff that did much of the restoration work for the old Harrah's Auto Collection. He has worked on classics such as Cobras, Ferrari's, and Rolls Royces, as well as vintage American cars like Packards.

In this tape Kent demonstrates the techniques of cold and hot shrinking steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. He shows how to use common hand tools and dollies as well as form blocks and hand shrinkers and stretchers.

You will get a better understanding of how to shape metal from this tape than almost any other tape I've seen.

Kent also conducts hands on seminars at his shop in California. Visit his website for dates and details.

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