"Tales From the E-Side"

(Our Literary Page)

From time to time, list members contribute posts that offer a lighter side or insight into the ownership of an E-Type. I am posting these here for your entertainment and edification.
Why We Pray Facing East A Tour of Coventry. A lighthearted account of a tour of the Browns Lane Jaguar factory and the surrounding countryside by Mike Frank.
The First E. A look at the first Jaguar E-Type on the block in the '60's by Mike Frank.
My Life With an E-Type. When an E type restoration leads to romance and marriage. By Mark McChesney.
My Life With an E-Type (Vol 2). One good story often leads to another, this one from David Lowenstein
Of Men, Women, and Jaguars Our prolific writer Mike Frank is back with this missive on oil changing, men, women and Jaguars.
The first ride Our scribe from the West, Lloyd, relates that first glorious ride in the newly restored "PrtyKty ".
My Fathers E A touching tale of a father passing his E-Type on to a caring son, from Windsor Dalrymple.

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